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Have Some Good Cornbread Ready for Your Chili

Lonesome Stone Cornbread Mix of Lone Rock

Lonesome Stone Cornbread Mix of Lone Rock

With the average wind chill temperatures around -45 this past week, people are turning to comfort food.  How can you help it?  You want to get warm.  Fast.

I’ve heard quite a few different ways people make their chili and what they serve with it.  We’re a turkey chili family, and love serving corn bread with it.  And sometimes the easiest way to hurry and get the cornbread on the table is to make a mix.  I’ve had a so-so reaction to most mixes I’ve tried.  But I bought some Lonesome Stone Cornbread Mix, made by Lonesome Stone Milling, Lone Rock, to give it a try.

cornbread mix

What a refreshing change.  The mix, which I mixed and baked in about 35 minutes total, was a far cry from the “faux cornbread mixes” out there.  This cornbread had taste and texture, not like the blueberry muffinish mixes out there.  The difference is basically like that between white bread and whole wheat.  The ingredient list rings true to that thought:  organic whole wheat flour, whole grain cornmeal, organic sugar, baking powder, salt.  Only good stuff.

The good stuff has been around since 2009, when Lonesome Stone Milling came to be with owners Gilbert Williams and Gary Zimmer.  The duo work with three area farmers:  Dave Dolan and Dennis Dochnal, both near Dodgeville, and Tom Martin, near Wauzeka, raise a variety of organic grains.  Dennis, for example rotates organic wheat, corn and rye for Lonesome Stone.

Williams and Zimmer began their mix business by creating and selling a pancake mix from wheat and rye at farmers’ markets, according to their site.  In 2010, “we bought a Meadows stone burr mill so we could grind our products ourselves on site.”

Now they sell a variety of pancake mixes, the cornbread mix, hot cereal and whole-grain flours.  “Each package is traceable back to the farmer who grew the grain and most of our products are certified organic.  The flavor, freshness and quality draw our customers back.”  If you want to try and aren’t near Lone Rock, you can order through their web site or Something Special From Wisconsin.

What drew me in was the copy on the packaging.  It credits Dolan for the cornmeal and Martin for the wheat.  And better yet, it says:

“When enjoying this product, you are supporting 4 family farms, 3 hard-working employees, 2 family investors, 1 entrepreneur, 1 community bank and 1 small town.”

Now that’s satisfying.

Have a good weekend and stay warm!!

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