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It’s Friday at Work. If You Can’t Have a Beer – Try Beer Chips!

beer chips

You may have already tried this one.  But I decided it was about time to try Sprecher’s Beer Flavored Kettle Chips while strolling the aisles of Metcalfe’s this week.  [And btw, I love Metcalfe’s emphasis on Wisconsin grown/made foods in their aisles, don’t you?]  After all, if anyone can make beer chips, Sprecher’s of Glendale – who bills themselves as Milwaukee’s Original Microbrewery and has been brewing since 1985 — should be able!

Of course I’ve tried Sprecher beers, root beer and mustard, but I’m a little late on the chips — as they were introduced in January 2011.  But I have to say they’re keepers.

When I tried the first chip, I wondered where the beer was.  But after you’ve eaten a few you appreciate the subtle beer flavor.  In fact, after a handful of chips, I couldn’t escape beer aromas: yeast, malt and hops.  The beer in the chips is actually dehydrated Sprecher Special Amber.  A great choice as this lager is often rated highly by beer fans on Beeradvocate.

It’s a good chip to accompany any drink and it’s good with a beer, too.  Since the beer taste is subtle, there’s no overkill.

You can find them at Metcalfe’s, on Sprecher’s site,  at their gift shop and a myriad of other retailers.

So wouldn’t a bag of these be a perfect desk-drawer-treat at work?  After all, if you can’t have a beer, you can at least get the taste and aroma of one!

Have a great Labor Day weekend!!

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