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Holy Cow! Here’s Some Moo-ving Trivia

JTP farm 007

Jake Peissig was full of bovine fun facts when Wisconsin Bites toured JTP Farms in Dorchester.  In fact, the Peissigs have a sense of humor about what they do – see the light fixture Tom made from milking cluster equipment?

JTP farm 007

So I thought I’d put some of the Jake info into a little quiz. The first question, however, comes via Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board facts.  See how well you know the stars of Wisconsin’s dairy industry.  (No cheating!)

1.  The average Wisconsin cow produces how many gallons of milk per year?

a.  1,200+ gallons

b.  1,800+ gallons

c.  2,200+ gallons

d.  2.400+ gallons

2.  How many gallons of water does a cow typically drink per day?

a.  8 gallons

b.  20 gallons

c.  35 gallons

d.  42 gallons

3.  How much time do cows spending lying down (v. standing) within a 24-hour day?

a.  3-4 hours

b.  7-8 hours

c.  10-11 hours

d.  14-15 hours

4.   How much deep sleep do cows actually get when lying down?

a.  15 minutes

b.  1 hour

c.  3 hours

d.  5 hours

5.   A cow’s normal temperature is 101 degrees; that’s why ventilation is so important.  If you could illustrate the amount of heat a cow constantly gives off, it would be equivalent to:

a.  5 blow dryers on high

b.  10 blow dryers on high

c.  15 blow dryers on high

d.  20 blow dryers on high

How well did you do?

The correct answers are:

1. d; 2. c; 3. d; 4. a; and 5.  c

Test your friends when you’re in the moo’d.

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