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Need Help Finding Farmer’s Markets? There’s an App For That!


Not quite happy with all the Wisconsin lists out there to help you find farmer’s markets?

Well, as they say:  there’s an app for that!  Actually, there are several apps, but I’ve found one that seems the most thorough and provides you the opportunity to make it even richer in content:  Farmstand.

farmstand logo


A free iphone app,  it guides you to the nearest farmer’s markets wherever you are (in Wisconsin or throughout the U.S.).  It also tells you the market’s days and hours, plus allows you to post pictures and tell about your finds or deals.

If you’re from a smaller town, the app offers the basics.  But if you check out the screen shot below – it does offer you a couple opportunities.  You can make the area farmer’s market aware and ask the appropriate person to fill in more information.  Or if you’re a regular at the market – fill in more info yourself and start posting photos of your deals and favorites.

beloit page

Larger cities, like Madison, have more depth to what’s provided and have regular activity from avid market-goers.

dane county (2)

salad greens

It can’t get much easier to eat local.  Give it a try.  And never fear android-users — they’re working on a version for you, too.

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