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Pizza Worth the 400-Mile Trip!

Scotty's pizza box

Jeff and I hop on his Harley every Memorial Day weekend Saturday and pick some place in Wisconsin for exploration, then ride back on Sunday.  Traffic’s usually light in the middle of the long weekend and we enjoy it.

While thinking of where to ride this weekend and summer, our friend Sherry Stilwell said she’d seen a Discover Wisconsin episode all about some of the best pizzas in Wisconsin this past winter.  Her idea was to take rides to some of the pizza places on the map Discover Wisconsin provided.

We decided to try #7 – Scotty’s Pizza & Chicken in Marshfield.   We arrived pooped after riding through all kinds of weather, so we took the easy way out and ordered our pizzas delivered to our hotel room.  :)  We tried two of their specialty pizzas — Broc, Bacon and Cheese (BBC) and The Orly.

scotty's pizza

The BBC is Scotty’s No. 1 seller and we tasted why.  It’s broccoli, bacon and mozzarella cheese with a little mayo.  It was light, almost sweet and didn’t leave you with that I-ate-too-much feeling.  The Orly is made with Scotty’s own hamburger sausage, strip bacon, onion, sliced pickles and Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce, along with mozzarella cheese.  We decided to just try Scotty’s original pizza sauce on it instead, as you can pick any of 10 sauces on your pizza.  Well, this cheeseburger pizza was great.  The pickles made it a delight.

This isn’t my usual kind of post, but I decided I had to share Scotty’s.  After all, we rode 200 miles each way for a pizza and it was well worth the trip!  :)

3 Responses to “Pizza Worth the 400-Mile Trip!”

  1. jodidb

    Sounds like a fun and rewarding ride! Next time you should take a shorter ride to Villa d’Carlo in Kenosha for my favorite Wisconsin pizza!

  2. Bev

    What a fun tradition you have. There is always good cheese to find in Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lisa

    Terry Anderson lives in Marshfield now. I’ll have to ask him about Scotty’s — maybe Scott and i will have to visit Terry sometime soon!


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