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Pick a Cracker that’s Cheese Worthy!

potter's crackers

Today’s pantry recommendation simply begs to be out of the pantry:  Potter’s Crackers (Potters Find Foods, LLC).  These high quality, organic crackers are becoming almost ubiquitous in the Madison area and spreading — no pun intended — from there!

Potter’s Crackers came to be when owners Nancy Potter (who owned the New Glarus Bakery for 25 years) and son Peter Potter Weber (a University of Wisconsin food science grad) recognized that Wisconsin’s artisanal cheese industry was exploding and there was “no deserving cracker” out there to accompany it.  Ah, they too recognize that not everything tastes better when it sits on a Ritz (no offense, Ritz).

So it’s very fitting that there is an artisanal cracker for all the artisanal cheeses (or any others, for that matter).  There are a lot of unique things about these crackers, including the fact they’re not the traditional round or square shape.  David Payne, of Potter’s Crackers, told me that “since the crackers are from Wisconsin they were designed to go with all of the great cheeses and sausages that our state produces.”  So Potter’s came up with a hand-made, long, rectangular cracker made from whole grains and produce from small, local farms.

Produce?  Yes, Potter’s Crackers has 10 year-round varieties, including flavors like hazelnut graham, garlic & baby onion, toasted sesame.  There are gluten-free and vegan options in those offerings, as well.  Then there are current seasonal flavors like banana walnut graham, baked potato chive, cheddar mustard and butternut curry.  With flavors like that, who says you need a topping?

Well, Nancy does.  “Nancy really loves our Rye cracker with an aged Hooks cheddar.”  So Potter’s Crackers has a page on its web site with pairing ideas.  And they welcome your pairing thoughts as well.

I tried the Butternut Curry with Capital Brewery‘s new Island Wheat Cheddar cold pack cheese.  (Capital Brewery teamed with Verona’s Sugar Brook Farms to create the cheese spread.)  Both were delicious – separately and together.

capital brewery cheese open with red

Potter’s Crackers spring flavors will be coming out soon.  David advises looking for a sweet Rhubarb Graham and a savory Midwest Seed.  You can try or buy them in many Madison-area stores and restaurants or on their site.  Potter’s Crackers has expanded operations to California, too – so they’re not just for Wisconsin any more.  :)

Have a good weekend!


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